HL5228-01 Proximity Detector

HL5228-02 Proximity Detector


     HL5228 is a motion detector IC, which can detects a object moving toward or going away from the sensor connected to HL5228.  The sensor is form simply by two metal plates.  This IC uses the interaction of the metal plates to detect a moving object.  In order to meet the requirement of different application, this IC has 3 kinds of input pins that can be used to control the range of sensitivities, the response time, and the output time duration.  A regulator circuit is designed in HL5228 to provide a stable power supply for the IC.  BUSY is an output pin that will be activated when electric field variation is detected.  OUTA, OUTB, OUTC and OUTD are output pins that can be used to drive LED or used as the other busy pins.  SLPOLAR is an input pin, which can control the polarity of STANDBY, BUSY, OUTA, OUTB, OUTC and OUTD.  There is a shutdown timer built in HL5228.  If PWRONN is connected to VDD, the system will shut down in about 4 minutes, if nothing is detected.  If pin PWRONN is connected to VSS, the shutdown function is inhibited.  LODIS is an input pin.  If LODIS is connected to VSS, HL5228 will enter low sensitivity mode in 2 minutes if there is not input trigger signal.


  • Response time is adjustable
  • Output duration is adjustable
  • Sensitivity is adjustable
  • Two kinds of input/output polarity
  • Auto shutdown circuit designed in
  • Output pattern is mask programmable
  • Built-in regulator circuit
  • Low cost Sensor
  • Detect two kinds of motion direction.