HL6211 Door Bell

01. Door Bell I 03. Door Bell III
02. Door Bell II


HL6211 is a melody IC designed delicate for doorbell application. This IC is designed by CMOS technology. Instead of using a power transistor in the external circuit, HL6211 includes a power transistor in the IC, and the IC can drive a speaker directly. There are 3 different kinds of songs played by HL6211. Different songs are triggered by KEY0, KEY1, and KEY2 respectively. The IC is designed as an irretrigger mode. In this IC there is an internal envelope circuit, which can play high quality sounds without external capacitor.


  • Dual tone melody
  • 3 kinds of songs (Ding-Dong, Ding-Dong/Ding-Dong and Westminster chime)
  • Built-in envelope circuit
  • Internal speaker power amplifier
  • LED driver