HL6209-01 16 Every Day Songs Music-Box Melody

01. Wedding March 09. Oh! My Darling
02. Happy Birthday 10. Skip to My Lou
03. The Farmer in the Dell 11. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
04. Yankee Doodle 12. Did You Ever See a Lassie
05. My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean 13. Are You Sleeping
06. Down the Mountainside We Go 14. London Bridge is Falling Down
07. Hush Little Baby 15. Three Blind Mice
08. Battle Hymn 16. Rockaby Baby

HL6209-03 17 Westminster Abbey Clock Chime

(24 hours clock chime with night-time disable, from 11:00p.m. to 05:00a.m.)
Westminster Abbey Clock Chime

HL6209-05 Melody & Sound Effect

01. Sound 1 09. Sound 9
02. Sound 2 10. Sound 10
03. Sound 3 11. Sound 11
04. Sound 4 12. Sound 12
05. Sound 5 13. Down the Mountainside We Go
06. Sound 6 14. Hush Little Baby
07. Sound 7 15. Oh! My Darling
08. Sound 8 16. Sound


The HL6209 is a high-quality Music-Box melody IC fabricated by CMOS process. In order to perform sound quality, this IC uses PCM technology to synthesize a waveform and to simulate the timber of music box. For the purpose of simplifying the amplification circuit, the HL6209 has power amplifier built in the IC. The power amplifier consists of an operational amplifier and power transition circuit which work as a Class B push-pull amplifier. By using the technology as described, the operating current can be reduced to as low as 15mA. Besides, low-distortion is obtained by using operational amplifier. The circuit can drive an 8Ω speaker directly through a 100uf capacitor. Oscillation frequency is controlled externally by a resistor.

The input trigger circuit comprises of the 4*4 matrix key inputs, i.e., 4 row by 4 columns. The trigger mode can be used as retrigger mode or irretrigger mode by bonding option. The HL6209 is two channels melody IC, which consists of 1024 notes plus 128 jumps and can be programmed into 16 songs. JUMP command in the ROM can be used to jump to any address of ROM, and the notes of the melody can be replayed. With the function of JUMP, HL6209 can play more than 1024 notes. Besides there are 4 levels of volume which can be changed by the program in HL6209.

Because the trigger mode controller is designed by a microcontroller, there are many control modes in HL6209. The seven input key can be programmed as 16 direct select key, 12 direct select key plus 1 sequential select key and 4 groups of 3 direct select key plus 1 sequential select key. There is one output pin, which can be used as a motor driver or an LED driver by mask option.


A. 16 Direct Trigger Key:

  • The trigger key is organized as by 4*4 matrixes. There are many kinds of selection of songs in this mode. The 16 keys can be used to select a single song or group of songs.

B. 12 Direct Trigger Key Plus 1 Sequential Trigger Key:

  • Each press of the sequential key will set one of the 12 songs sequentially.

C. (3 Direct Key + 1 Sequential Key)* 4:

  • Each sequential key can select the songs in the same group sequentially.


  • Dual channel melody with the timber of music box
  • 1024 notes plus 128 jumps
  • Maximum 16 songs
  • 16 direct trigger key matrix
  • (3 direct trigger key + 1 sequential key) *4
  • 12 direct trigger key + 1 sequential trigger key
  • Retrigger and irretrigger can be selected by bonding option
  • Level hold mode by mask option
  • Built-in power amplifier circuit
  • Built-in envelope circuit
  • Extra low power (~10mA) for 8Ω speaker
  • 3.5 octave of frequency range

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