HL6207-01 4 Lullabies + 4 Children's Favorites Music-Box Melody with Voice Trigger

01. Rockaby Baby 01. Old MacDonald Had a Farm
02. Brahms' Lullaby 02. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
03. German Cradle Song 03. Three Blind Mice
04. Slumber Song (by Schubert) 04. London Bridge is Falling Down; Row, Row, Row Your Boat


HL6207 is a voice trigger dual tone melody IC, designed by CMOS technology. This IC is designed by PCM technology. The timbre of the melody is programmable by MASK option. There are three kinds of trigger mode: ON/OFF mode, sequential trigger mode and direct key trigger mode. In the ON/OFF mode, the melody can be turned ON and OFF by a push button. After the last song has been played, the melody chip turns off automatically or plays continuously depending on the MASK option. There are 7 direct trigger keys which can be arranged to a 4*3 matrix, and maximum of 12 songs can be triggered independently.

This circuit is specially designed for voice trigger, and there are some amplifiers built in the IC to amplify the signal from speaker. Only a few of external capacitors and resistors are necessary for amplification. There are 1024 notes designed in this IC. In order to enhance the performance of the IC, there is a micro controller built in the circuit, which can change the volume of the melody. Besides, the micro controller offers 128 jumps controller, which can enhance the performance of 1024 notes. By the program built in the jump controller circuit, the notes in the melody can be played repeatedly.


  • Dual tone PCM melody
  • 1024 notes
  • 128 jumps
  • Voice trigger
  • 12 direct key trigger
  • Volume controlled by program built in the IC
  • ON/OFF mode
  • Sequential mode
  • Amplifier built in
  • Use speaker as voice sensor
  • Low stand-by current * 25uA at VDD=3V, stand-by voice-trigger mode * < 1uA at VDD=3V, ON/OFF mode
  • 4 levels volume control