HL8038 (Digital Heart Pulse Detector with Electrocardiogram Sensor)


The HL8038 Heart Pulse Detector is a single chip differential-sensing electrocardiogram heart pulse detection system. The preamplifier is built as a differential input instrument amplifier for preprocessing heart pulse signal from input sensors. With built-in A/D converter, the analog heart pulse signal is sampled and digitized as digital signal for further processing by digital means. The internal digital processor tracks input digital signals and extracts out digital heart pulse signal by suppressing down noise signals which came with heart pulse signal from input sensors. There are two output formats of heart pulse signal. One is traditional single digital pulse form. The other is digital wave form of heart pulse signal.

HL8038 Electrocardiogram Demo



  • Low operating voltage
  • Differential-sensing detection
  • Built-in common voltage
  • Two sensors input available
  • Built-in A/D Converter and Digital Processor
  • Additional digital heart pulse wave form output


  • Supply Voltage ( VDD to GND ) -------------------------------------- 6V
  • Input Voltage Range ------------------ (GND- 0.3V) to (VDD + 0.3V)
  • Operating Temperature Range ------------------------- 0℃ to +60℃

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS ( VDD=3V , GND=0V , Ta=+25℃ , unless otherwise noted )







Operating Voltage Figure 2.4   5 V
Standby Current HIEN=0V & LOEN=3V   0.2 10 uA
Operating Frequency at OSC2   32768   HZ
Operating Current Figure 500 650 800 uA
Input Signal Level Between A1IP and A1IN 1     mV
Pulse Width of PULSE Figure at 32768Hz   180   mS
Pulse Width of DCLK Figure at 32768Hz   8   uS
Pulse Width of DOUT Figure at 32768Hz   24   uS
Input low voltage pin : HIEN, LOEN, PLS, EXR     0.8 V
Input high voltage pin : HIEN, LOEN, PLS, EXR 2.2     V
Output low voltage Iout= -0.1mA, pin: PULSE, DCLK, DOUT     0.5 V
Output high voltage Iout= 0.1mA, pin: PULSE, DCLK, DOUT 2.5     V

Data Format

Figure: Application circuit