HL5322 is an integrated circuit which can perform the functions of RF identification and LED drivers without the battery. The power of the IC is induced from the magnetic field of an antenna which is driven by a RFID reader (HL5316). Fabricated by mixed mode CMOS technology, HL5322 contains a power rectifier, frequency generator, command demodulator, ID modulator, Inputs status modulator, and buzzer / LED drivers in a single chip. The communication between HL5322 and HL5316 is a two ways near field communication, HL5316 can send command to HL5322 and HL5322 can send the ID and Inputs state to HL5316. When HL5322 is requested to send ID to Reader, there is 16bits data to be sent. Only 8 bits of ID can be selected externally by bonding option. When HL5322 is requested to send Inputs state to Reader, there is 16bits data to be sent. The 16 bits of data includes 3 fixed bits, 1 bit of Tag status, 4 bits of Bi-direction pins status and 8 bits of low byte ID. There are 255 sections of the program which can be selected by command from HL5316. There is a 4K*8bits ROM which is used to store the program. The flashing mode of the LED can be programmed by the command of HL5322 or be controlled by HL5316 directly.


HL5316/HL5322(reader/tag) Single-tag music1

HL5316/HL5322(reader/tag) Multi-tag


  • Wide operating range
  • 16 Bits of ID
  • On chip protection circuit
  • Simple instruction and easy programming
  • Flashing mode controlled by the program in ROM
  • Flashing mode controlled directly by the command from HL5316
  • 8 Output pins
  • 4 Bi-direction pins
  • Buzzer circuit


  • Toy RFID
  • Asset control
  • Contactless entry control
  • Education