HL 5316


HL5316 is an integrated circuit which can perform the reader function of a single tag or multi-tag RFID system. Fabricated by mixed mode CMOS process, HL5316 contains a 13.56MHz crystal oscillator, an amplifier, a micro-controller, output decoder and four antenna drivers in a single chip.

There are four antenna drivers designed in HL5316. One of the antenna drivers is designed as a push-pull output which can be used to drive a high power antenna. The power of the antenna is used to generate electromagnetic field to supply a high power RFID tag HL5312. And this antenna driver can also be used to write a command to HL5312 to execute the program embedded in HL5312. HL5312 is a RFID tag integrated circuit which performs four kinds of functions: RFID, LED driver, speech and melody generator. In order to control the performance of HL5312, HL5316 can send series of command through the antenna of the reader. The communication between HL5316 and HL5312 is two ways communication.

Besides the push-pull antenna driver, there are three more antenna drivers. The function of these tree drivers is similar to that in HL5308: to identify HL5301 and HL5302. The selection of the drivers is controlled by an external microprocessor.



HL5316/HL5322(reader/tag) Multi-tag



  • Supply wireless power to a speech IC
  • Push –pull high power antenna driver
  • Single tag and multi-tag RFID detection
  • Two ways communication between Tag and Reader
  • Support up to 4 antennas
  • Support to detect 16bits single-tag and 12bits multi-tag
  • Synchronous operation without collision in multi-tag detection



  • Toy RFID
  • Asset control
  • Contactless entry control
  • Education