HL5311 (13.56MHz 12bits RF ID Tag)


HL5311 is the first IC chip incorporated RFID Tag and electrical dice. This e-Dice is no batteries inside and can drive LED and buzzer by coupling RF power. You can put HL5311 into the HL5308 reader's antenna field and it will start rolling. When HL5311 is in the field, you can press RESET button to re-start the dice rolling again. After rolling is done, the chosen number will send to reader as Tag's ID and drive the corresponding LED output immediately.

HL5311 has eight operational modes, can easily be designed for 7-choose-1, 6-choose-1, 5-choose-1, 4-choose-1, 3-choose-1 and 2-choose-1 dice. This operation mode is selected by MS2, MS1, and MS0 (see Table.2). Especially, HL5311 is supported to Multi-TAG operation. You can put more than 2 different dices at the same time and this combination result will also send to reader.


  • Carrier frequency 13.56MHz Read-only in RF field
  • Low power consumption
  • 8 operation mode and can be customer specified
  • 8-bit wire-bonding ID with Multi-Tag mechanism
  • Electric random number generator
  • Direct LED and buzzer drive output