HL5308 (RF ID Reader)


HL5308 is an integrated circuit which can performs the reader function in a single-tag or multi-tag RFID system. Fabricated by mixed mode CMOS process, HL5308 contains a 13.56MHz crystal oscillator, an amplifier, a micro-controller, output decoder and antenna drivers in a single chip.

There are two major functions which can be performed by HL5308: single-tag detection and multi-tag detection which can be programmed by an external microprocessor through the I/O pins of HL5308. By combining with HL5301, HL5308 can implement 16 bits single-tag function. By input parameters from the DATA and CLOCK pins, HL5308 can drive sequentially at most eight antennas to detect the ID of a 16 bits HL5301 tag in one of the eight antennas. Tag ID and antenna ID can be output from DATA and CLOCK pins in synchronous mode or asynchronous mode.

When combining with HL5302, HL5308 can implement a 12 bits multi-tag function. The 12 bits ID consists of 8 bits group ID and 4 bits tag ID. There are also eight antennas which are scanned sequentially by the micro-controller in HL5308. During the scanning of the antennas, a pilot signal will be activated from the micro-controller to reset every tag in the coil of the antenna. Every tag in an antenna will work synchronously with each other, and collision between tags will not occur during the operation of HL5308. No collision means that the detection of ID of each tag will be completed in one frame cycle and the detection time is very fast. Detection time depends on the number of the tag and the number of the antenna. The longest detection time is smaller than 0.5 sec.

There are two operation modes: normal operation mode and tuning mode. The operation mode can be chosen by programming from DATA and CLOCK pins. Tuning mode is used to tune the antenna to maximize the detecting distance and to minimize the electro-magnetic interference from the antenna. During the tuning mode the scanning of the antenna will be stop and there is only one antenna in operation, which make the tuning process easier.



HL5308/HL5301(reader&tag), HL5225(LED):


  • Low standby current
  • Low power consumption
  • Simple application circuit
  • Stable performance
  • Two kinds of outputs data format
  • Completely controls all processes by the MCU
  • Support up to 8-coils and Multi-tags reading
  • Support up to 16 bits Single-tag reading
  • Synchronous operation without collision