HL5303 (13.56MHz 12 bits RF Tag with LED Output Driver)


HL5303 is a low power CMOS RF Identification device (RFID) with LED output driver. There are power rectifier, data modu lator and 6 LED outputs build-in HL5303. The power supply of the IC is generated by the induction of RF magnetic field from antenna of a HF Data Reader. HL5303 provides 4-bits masked company code (A15-A12) and 12-bits codes (A11-A0) for user programming which is selected by wire bonding. HL5303 has 4 kinds of LED shining mode selected by 2 bonding pads. HL5303 is suitable for application in the toy products


  • Carrier frequency 13.56MHz Read-only in RF field
  • Low power consumption • Wide operating range
  • 12-bit ID selected by wire bonding
  • On chip rectifier and voltage limiter
  • Variable LED shining mode