HL5233 is a CMOS IC used to perform the function of a RFID Reader. A RFID contains two parts: RFID TAG (HL5230) and RFID Reader (HL5233). HL5233 contains of a 13.56MHz crystal oscillator, a 13.56MHz output buffer, a preamplifier and data decoder. The output buffer drives an antenna which can transmit RF signal to the RFID TAG.

When the tag is close enough to the reader, the encoder of the tag will modulate the data trains into the RF signals and then sending them out to the reader one by one. And the amplitude of the RF signals will be modulated in the reader after receiving the RF signals from the tag. Preamplifier is used to amplify the modulating signals. The decoder is used to decode the encoded data transmitted from TAG.

There are three kinds of output data: Synchronous, Asynchronous and direct drive outputs. In order to interface to most of power Speech IC, the data rate of the outputs is slower than the data rate of the RFID TAG.  


  • Low standby current
  • Low power consumption
  • Simple application circuit
  • Stable performance
  • The system and oscillator can be enable separately
  • 3 kinds of decoder outputs
  • Level hold mode and one shot trigger mode
  • High active and low active output selectable