HL6208 / HL6208-1

12 Christmas Songs Music-Box Melody with Four Lamp Control

01. Jingle Bells 07. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
02. Angels We Have Heard on High 08. Silent Night
03. O Christmas Tree (O Tannenbaum) 09. Deck the Halls
04. O Come, All Ye Faithful 10. The First Noel
05. O Little Town of Bethlehem 11. Joy to the World
06. The Twelve Days of Christmas 12. We Wish You a Merry Christmas


The HL6208 is a high quality Christmas light control music IC fabricated by CMOS process. In this IC, there are two tones, which can play simultaneously. Each tone simulates the timber of music box. In order to simulate the timber of instrument, there is envelope waveform circuit and frequency synthesizer circuit built in this IC. The IC consists of 1024 notes and which covers 2 1/2 octaves of frequency range. Besides the melody, the HL6208 is design to drive 4 SCR. In this circuit, microcontroller is used to control the function of SCR driver. The function of SCR driver can be programmed by code in ROM. During melody play, the light changes in accordance with the tempo of melody. The intensity of light decreases gradually instead of abruptly. The changing rate is also controlled by the program in ROM. There are four kinds of mode in this IC, i.e., four lights, two light alternating, two light chasing and one light chasing.

The volume of HL6208 can be adjusted by a push button or by a variable resistor. When a push button is used, there are 4 levels of volume, i.e., 100%, 67%, 33% and 0% by amplitude. Besides, silence is available also. By using the variable resistor, the volume can be changed continuously. During the silence state the mode of the light is totally different from that when melody plays. During silence state the intensity of light increase gradually and then decrease gradually. The tempo is much slower than that when melody plays. Also four modes available, i.e., scan mode, one light chasing, and four lights at the same time and two light alternating. The power supply of HL6208 can be an AC power or a DC power. When DC power is used, the HL6208 provides the synchronous signal.


  • Dual channel melody with the timber of music box
  • 1024 notes
  • Retrigger and irretrigger mode, level hold by mask option
  • Built-in power amplifier
  • 4 SCR drivers
  • Built-in dimmer circuit
  • Volume control by push button or by variable resistor
  • Mode control by push button
  • AC or DC power supply
  • Low operating current: 10mA in DC mode
  • One LED output • One motor driver