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HL5233 is a CMOS IC used to perform the function of a RFID Reader. A RFID contains two parts: RFID TAG (HL5230) and RFID Reader (HL5233). HL5233 contains of a 13.56MHz crystal oscillator, a 13.56MHz output buffer, a preamplifier and data decoder. The output buffer drives an antenna which can transmit RF signal to the RFID TAG. When the tag is in the Magnetic field of the reader, the encoder of the tag will modulate the data trains into the RF signals and then sending them out to the reader one by one. And the amplitude of the RF signals will be modulated in the reader after receiving the RF signals from the tag.

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HL5225 is a 3 channel LED driver with 6 bits device address identifier. There are 3 independent 4 bits LED current controllers. A common 8 bits PWM brightness controller is used to control the 3 LED drivers simultaneously. A serial data input port is used to receive control data for LED driver, and a serial data output port provides cascade serial data transformation. 3 channel LED driver 6 bits device address 3 4-bits LED current controllers 8 bits PWM brightness controller Serial data input and output ports

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HL5239 is a multiple point object proximity sensor IC, which can be used to determine position of an object in a keypad matrix, and can be called object position detector.

The sensors of the object position detector are composed of multiple arrays of sensor plates. The key matrix is formed by 7 columns and 4 rows which are connected to the inputs and outputs of HL5239. Each sensor consists of two metal plates, with one plate connected to one of the rows and the other plate connected to one of columns. Maximum of 28 key plates can be formed by this technology.

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"七福神"(しちふくじん) were traditional seven lucky Gods in Japan. Japanese People believed that God will bless you when you visited and got the stamps from all 7 temples during the beginning of every new year. This demo is used HL5308/HL5301 in Multi-Coil/Single-Tag application and HL5225 RGB LED driver. Each figure(God) has a HL5301 tag inside to represent his name and one specified color. For example, Ebisu (恵比寿): Tag-ID is 0xFFE1 and color is #0 for GREEN.

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HL5322 is an integrated circuit which can perform the functions of RF identification and LED drivers without the battery. The power of the IC is induced from the magnetic field of an antenna which is driven by a RFID reader (HL5316).

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HL5308 is an integrated circuit which can performs the reader function in a single-tag or multi-tag RFID system. Fabricated by mixed mode CMOS process, HL5308 contains a 13.56MHz crystal oscillator, an amplifier, a micro-controller, output decoder and antenna drivers in a single chip. There are two major functions which can be performed by HL5308: single-tag detection and multi-tag detection which can be programmed by an external microprocessor through the I/O pins of HL5308.


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