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Innovation is one of the HolyLite’s core values. Since HolyLite has been established in 1989, we have dedicated in developing analog and digital IC for different kinds of applications. Currently, we have six product lines which are the following:

rfid touch sensor healthcare
LED melody soundspeech

Holylite always insists with none-reverse design, we have the whole process from idea generation to products application all by ourselves. Since we have made the first one Speech recognition IC in Taiwan, we continued going forward and developing the first one infrared heart pulse detector IC, hand-held heart pulse detector IC in the world and the first one touch sensor IC, 13.36MHz RFID IC in Taiwan.

flowchartAs times change, human interface and integrated marketing had developed and had been the trend in the recent years. For this reason, we research comprehensive and easy-operated solutions to meet your needs and find out chances for business collaboration. Thinking about new designs that would inspire innovation and change our lives would always be a challenge for us. You could find more product information on our website. We value any suggestions or comments.

News and Events

Amazing Zhus Magician Pets (using Reader: HL5233, Tag Hl5230)

The Amazing Zhu Magician Pets are motorized pets that perform magic tricks and gravity-defying stunts. These special Amazing Zhus wear magic hats that identify them as part of the Magician’s Circle and allow them to correctly guess the answers to the Magician’s Cards - without even looking, follow the Magic Wand wherever you lead them, predict the pea’s location in the Shell Game – every time, and magically find their way home to the Magician Houses! They perform stunts on most accessories – including the High Dive and High Wire! Speak with over 200+ funny sound effects!

video clip courtesy of Cepia LLC

Green light heart pulse sensor

The HL8042A Heart Pulse Detector is a single chip AC type photo-sensing heart pulse detection system. With built inpower regulator, HL8042AHL8042A has higher immunity to power noise induced by buzzer or other devices. HL8042A receives and amplifies the heart pulse signal from external photo sensor with a fewexternal components.

video clip courtesy of Peter Lin

Dahrma Fortune-Teller

This demo is base on HL5311 RFID electrical Dice with HL5612 touch pad application. You can ask Dahrma to tell your fortune by rolling the wheel pads. We put HL5311 RFID electrical dice into "Dahrma" figure. This fortune e-Dice has 6 grades . When you decide to ask a question, you can start to roll the pads. After several turns, the "Dahrma" get enough power and starts to roll the fortune e-Dice. Finally, you will find how luckiness by lightening LED.

video clip courtesy of sinomatrix